Agrifirm acquires broiler feed plant

The feed mill produces about 40,000 tonnes of broiler feed annually and will continue to do so under the new ownership. The plant is empty and not working momentarily but will be completely refurbished with the most modern technology in order to produce high quality concentrate feeds under the strictest conditions, Agrifirm said in a press release. Aim is to open the plant by the end of the year. The employees that previously worked in Losten will be educated in the latest developments and technologies to start working in the newly equipped mill. With the purchase Agrifirm is saving on energy expenditures. As a result of producing concentrate feeds poultry farmers can add up to 50pc locally grown wheat to their feeds. This way less feed has to be transported over a long distance and less wheat needs to be transported from the farms. This is an important step for the agricultural structure of the broiler industry and crop farming in Saxony, East Germany, Agrifirm said.

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