Brazil grants final OK to two Syngenta GMOs

They are for the company’s corn rootworm-resistant MIR 604 and its stacked-trait insect-resistant and glyphosate-tolerant Bt11xGA21 maize. MIR604 maize is derived from transformation event MIR604 and expresses the modified Bt gene, Cry3A. The maize is resistant to northern, western and Mexican corn rootworms (Diabrotica spp). Approval for Bt11xGA21 follows the products registration in Taiwan two months ago. The ratifications bring the number of GM maize products approved for sale in Brazil to eight, and the quantity of all GMOs to 14. Others await ratification. The CNBS is also meeting this month to discuss the ratification for import approval of Syngenta’s fall armyworm-resistant MIR162 (Vip3Aa20 toxin), the company said. 

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