Chinese freight transports to pass through Hungary under planned railway cooperation

Planned cooperation will also involve the reconstruction of existing railway lines, the planning and development of new railway lines and infrastructure, as well as the development of trains and carriages, logistics modernisation and research and development in railway technology. Chinese and Hungarian experts will assess the potential of regional and international cooperation based on the favourably geographical and infrastructure characteristics of Hungary, Mr Fellegi said. A statement on cooperation in the fields of public road, air and water transport involves Chinese partners in the planning, construction and maintenance of motorways, roads and bridges. The agreement also covers the planning, construction and maintenance of river ports, and the construction and operation of airports, Mr Fellegi added. In the field of energy Hungary also raised the possibility of cooperation in the field of nuclear safety and the prevention of nuclear accidents, Mr Fellegi said. “The framework and form of cooperation will be prepared in the second half of this year,” Mr Fellegi said.

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