Danisco unable to delay Novozymes trial on animal feed patent

Danisco, based in Denmark and a unit of DuPont Co, sought to pause the case until the European Patent Office ruled on the dispute. Novozymes, the world’s largest maker of industrial enzymes, is fighting to defend its animal feed patent in Denmark, Germany, Finland and the Netherlands. Danisco has sold a product that Denmark-based Novozymes says has infringed the patent since 2007, according to a previous ruling in the case. The UK Court of Appeal rejected Danisco’s second application to push back the trial, and for permission to use documents from the UK case in the European proceedings. The European Patent Office, which isn’t part of the European Union but offers the closest protection available to an EU-wide patent, revoked Novozymes’ patent in July. The decision has been appealed by Novozymes and will be heard by the EPO later this year.

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