Feedlogic launch FeedMeter product line

FeedMeter’s core technology is an entirely new process to measure the mass flow of feed through a standard feed line. The patent-pending system uses a simple, low-maintenance device which attaches to a feed line and uses unique software to calculate mass flow and record the data. Information generated by the FeedMeter can be used to monitor feed disappearance, detect feed bridging and feed outages, and manage feed bin inventories. It will provide important diagnostic information to help producers spot feed wastage and ensure the right feed is being fed to the right animals. FeedMeter uses new telemetry technology to push data automatically to the Internet where it is easily accessible to the producer. Special “mesh networks” allow multiple FeedMeters on one production site to connect to one communications hub, simplifying installation and connectivity. “FeedMeter is the first of a series of products we are planning to bring to market which will provide livestock producers rapid access to accurate farm-level data,” said Drew Ryder, Feedlogic president. “We are building a “cloud-based” information collection platform using the latest telemetry technology which will give producers and their partners access to data they could never access before.” “Over the next 12 months, we will introduce a number of other products which will leverage the FeedMeter telemetry platform. These will provide producers with additional tools to measure and control production, improve efficiency, and lower costs.” “At a time when feed costs are reaching unprecedented highs throughout the world, we believe producers are looking for these kinds of tools to drive down the cost of their inputs and streamline their supply chains.”

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