Hungary freight volume fall slows to 11.7pc

It dropped 12.1pc year-on-year in Q2 to 79.671m tonnes after falling 14.5 pc to 60.027m tonnes in Q1. Performance of the transport sector dropped 7.6pc to 12.779bn freight-tonne-kilometres after loosing 12.1pc to 23.599bn  freight-tonne-kilometres in H1. Domestic transport volume fell 10,5pc to 66.643m tonnes and performance dropped 8.1pc to 4.047bn freight-tonne-kilometres in Q3. International transport volume fell 15.7pc to 18.86m tonnes and performance slipped 7.3pc to 8.732bn freight-tonne-kilometres. In domestic and international freight fewer goods were transported at longer distances, while the empty running of vehicles dropped. Freight companies suffered a deeper fall than the headline figures.

Freight of other companies beyond the transport industry accounted for 47pc of volume performance and 28pc of freight-tonne-kilometre performance in the first nine months of the year as they transport mainly in their own operation area over a shorter distance. Road transport volume fell 11pc year-on-year in the first nine months of the year, rail transport fell 21pc. Freight-tonne-kilometre rail transport suffered the greatest decline at 27pc. Long-distance passenger transport volume fell 7pc and dropped 6pc on performance in the first nine months. Passenger traffic at Ferihegy Airport in Budapest fell by 6pc from the first nine months of last year to 6.2m, after dropping 9pc year-on-year to 3.6m in H1. The number of car registrations – new cars and imported used cars – was 61,000 in the first nine months, a sharp 56pc fall from Q1-Q3 last year, after falling 51pc year-on-year to 46,000 in H1.


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