Hungary to submit renewable energy action plan to Brussels soon

The ministry said it was reviewing a letter from the European Commission on the matter of renewable energy and would answer it, sending the action plan as well. Before the re-evaluated action plan can be sent, it must be discussed with civil and professional groups, the ministry said. The first such meeting, at which about 25 groups participated, took place on September 17. The government aims to send the action plat to the Commission as soon as possible, but only after the necessary talks are completed, it added. The government is committed to raising the proportion of renewables among energy consumed in the country to 13pc by 2020, as promised the EU, the ministry said.  Ministry data show the proportion in 2009 was 7,3pc, up from 5,9pc in 2008. The Commission sent Hungary, as well as other member states, letters warning them to submit action plans to achieve their renewable energy targets, Econews reported earlier. The deadline for Hungary to submit the plan was pushed back from June 30 to September 30.

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