New product improves animal performance from mixed grain diets

Axtra XB has the most comprehensive registration profile of any xylanase and beta-glucanase enzyme combination currently available in the EU. It is the first and only product to combine a multi-species registration for swine and poultry, including ducks and game birds, with a flexible dose rate and excellent pelleting stability. Axtra XB is available in liquid form or as a dry free-flowing, low dust granule which is thermostable to 90°C. The two product forms ensure convenience in application and ease of handling by premixers, feed mills and integrators. Based on a five year development programme and extensive trials, Axtra XB has demonstrated incremental net feed cost savings of at least €8 per tonne in swine diets and €14 per tonne in poultry diets, at current raw material prices. Importantly, the xylanase and beta-glucanase combination has been proven to reduce variability in animal performance by targeting the soluble and insoluble dietary fibre in mixed grain diets. This ensures maximum nutritional value from a variety of dietary ingredients, such as grains and vegetable protein meals. Niels-Otto Damholt, Regional Sales Director, comments “the launch of Axtra XB is good news for pig and poultry producers looking to lower their feed costs while retaining energy efficient performance. This new product will be especially welcome at a time of unprecedented raw material prices and intensifying pressure to produce meat and eggs at an affordable price. The new feed formulation matrix values assigned to Axtra XB ensure maximum economic value for the producer, whatever their feed composition.”

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