Russian subsidiary of Royal Canin firmly increases net profit

According to Spark-Interfax, in 2010 net profit of JSC Roskan amounted to 290.9 million rubles (€6.8m), against 218.6 million rubles (€5.16m) in 2009. Revenues have been equalled at 2.4 billion rubles (€56.76m) in 2009 to 3.1 billion rubles (€73.32m) in 2010. Profit from sales rose to 596.4 million rubles (€14.1m), as against 491.8 million rubles (€11.63) in 2009. Royal Canin had constructed a plant in Russia (in Dmitrov, Moscow region) in 2004. The total investment was €12 million. Production capacities let to produce 40 tons of feed per shift, and about 22,000 tons per year. 

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