Slowdown in oil crop expansion

The Asia-Pacific region accounted for almost 65pc of the total industry value at the moment and is expected to continue with the same momentum in the future. The oil crops market values the supply (consumption) of agriculture items such as soybeans, oil palm fruit, seed cotton, and rapeseed. The market volumes reflect supply in each country, calculated on the basis of production plus imports minus exports. Last year, worldwide-traded oil production from crop plants was almost 130 million tonnes, mostly used as edible vegetable oil. The proportion of plant oils used for non-edible or industrial purposes has fluctuated as petroleum and coal feed stocks increasingly competed with plant oils as sources of hydrocarbon-based products such as polymers, lubricants, fine chemicals, and fuels. Oil crops may be used by a range of industries, and this presents a wide variety of potential buyers. Low switching costs and relatively low product differentiation serve to enhance buyer power and increase the likelihood of new entrants. The main substitutes to oil crops include cereal crops as an alternative for animal feed and bio-fuel production. Top players in the market are Archer Daniels Midland, Bunge, Cargill and CHS Inc. Although large co-operative farming companies do exist within many countries, most players within the oil crops market are typically individual farms, rated as small to medium sized businesses. This market research report analyzes the global oil crops industry in its research presentation Analyzing the global oil crops industry. The report is a comprehensive coverage of the industry, which is analyzed through an industry definition, industry profile, market value and volume analysis, industry segmentation, and other factors that impact the market. The report includes an in-depth analysis of the major players themselves. The leading industry contributors are analyzed through a corporate profile, a business segment analysis, a financial analysis, their major products & services, and a SWOT analysis.

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