Syngenta announces EPA approval for herbicide range

The herbicides, based on the callistomenon plant, are designed to act as a broad-spectrum residual weed control with more flexibility in application. Lexar EZ and Lumax EZ are registered for use in field corn, seed corn, sweet corn, yellow popcorn and grain sorghum. He herbicides offer the same performance, residual control, application flexibility and crop safety as their sibling Lexar and Lumax herbicides. The difference lies in the handling, which has been improved through the addition of capsule-suspension formulation technology similar to the Halex GT herbicide. The formulations are designed to minimise overwintering effects and for imporved compatibility with nitrogen fertilisers. “This combination provides multiple modes of action for more effective residual control than competitive corn herbicides on tough grasses and small-seeded broadleaf weeds such as waterhemp, lambsquarters and foxtails,” said John Foresman, asset lead, Syngenta. “Both are targeted for weed biotypes like waterhemp that are tolerant or resistant to glyphosate, ALS-inhibiting, PPO and triazine herbicides.” Lexar EZ and Lumax EZ can be applied at a full rate pre-emergence, at a foundation rate followed by Halex GT or tank mixed with glyphosate (Touchdown or Roundup brand herbicides) as a post-emergence application, providing an application window that ranges from 14 days pre-plant up to 12-inch corn.

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