Ukraine due to collect record volume of corn

The corn yield expected is 24 m tonnes a 5.3 pc rise. IGC expects also estimate that in 2012-2013, Ukraine will supply the world market with about 14 m tonnes of corn. If achieved it will also be a record for the country. In 2010-2011 Ukrainian maize exports were 5 m tonnes. Overall, Ukraine s total corp harvest is expected to be in the region of 45-50 m tonnes in the next fiscal year. It is also predicted that for the first time ever in Ukraine, corn will account for more than 50 pc of the total grain crop. The official forecast for cereal harvest is set at 47.2 m tonnes, this is according to the Minister of Agricultrural Policy Nikolai Prisajnuk. An expert on risk management in Eastern Europe from INTL FCStone Matt Ammermann reported that with the area under cultivation for corn increasing, the Black Sea region should be able to conquer a significant share of the world corn export market. According to him, Ukraine could leave Argentina in its wake on the volume of corn exported, as early as next season. This year the area allocated for growing forage crops increased, this is due to the construction of a corn-soybean belt in the center of the country. The total area of corn for grain was 4.579 m hectares, which is more than one million hectares compared tot 2011, sorghum – 200 hectares (100 hectares more), soybean – 1.32 m hectares (200 hectares more).

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