Ukraine grain export quotas may change

“The issue will be finally resolved at the next (government) meeting next Monday or Wednesday,” he told reporters. Prysyazhnyuk said his ministry would propose capping maize exports at 3 million tonnes, wheat at 1 million tonnes and barley at up to 150.000 tonnes. EU barley bought to cover Ukraine export curbs, European traders said. Several trading houses have boughtup to 500.000 tonnes of European Union barley in anticipation of possible export curbs by Ukraine, the traders said. The trading houses bought on Tuesday and Wednesday betweenseven and eight panamax cargoes of EU barley, mostly German, for shipment between October and December, the traders said The cargoes would be likely for sale to Saudia Arabia and Jordan, they said. Ukraine, a major supplier of grain to international markets,could limit exports of grains this year, grain traders said.

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