Ukraine to invest in fishmeal production

According to Dronik about €20 million has already been invested in Ukraine’s fishing industry in 2011. And in order to further develop an investment of between 500 million to 1 billion hryvnia (EUR 50-100 mln) is planned per year for the coming years. Through public-private partnership until 2016 Ukraine plans to build four large fish processing plant (in the cities of Mariupol, Sevastopol, Odessa and Kerch). The projected cost of the construction of the plant in Kerch alone is estimated at €5,000,000. An Israeli group of investors are also expressing an interest in the construction of a recirculating aquaculture system for the cultivation of sturgeon with the production capacity of about 100 tonnes of meat per year. The project is expected to cost €6.9 million. The Israeli investors are willing to invest 80pc of the total investment. “In addition, Ukraine specialists are studying the Danish experience of milling plants construction. A conclusion of their study is expected in a month’s time, and then we’ll begin the development of the number of projects. Currently we are mainly interested in plants for the production of fish meal from small fish, as Ukraine has a lot of sprat and sardines, which could be processed and turned into fish meal, animal feed, fish oil etc. In the currently Ukrainian market there is a strong demand for compound feed, and not just for the fish.” Victor Dronik said.

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